1989 | Start of the company

Started by entrepreneurs Toon and Mieke van Gennip both experienced in textiles; One was an textile agent in Belgium for several fashion brands and the other sold babywear and swimwear on local markets, the idea of creating their own brand was born in 1989 and in December 1989 they decided to travel to Hong kong to meet new suppliers.This was the start of lentiggini swimwear.

Toon & Mieke van Gennip

1991 | Launch Dirkje Babywear

Family Van Gennip decided to add babywear to their assortment as swimwear is a seasonal product only. They decided to name the brand after their dog ‚ Dirkje‘ which is a name used for both girls as boys in Holland. They found a good designer who manually draw all sketches and did all coloring and artwork by hand. All operations were done from their home and a rented warehouse for the incoming and outgoing goods.

Launch Dirkje

1998 | Start building

They outgrown their home office and warehouse. They decided it was time for next step and they bought ground of almost 4000m2 in Weert where they build their new office space and warehouse.

Start building

1999 | Grand opening Weert

All operations were up and running in Weert.

Grand Opening Weert

2004 | Start export

With the new generation on board new ideas were born and fresh look on fashion and sales. The brothers started to focus more and more on not only importing the goods to Holland and selling them in Holland or Belgium but also exporting the brands to European countries. By attending more international fashion fairs and searching for good business partners abroad they quickly build up a network of good fashion partners with own shops or networks in their country, this gave a boost to the company turnover and growth.

Start export

2005 | New project

As Van Gennip textiles sold Dirkje babywear successfully there were some requests from their customers if we could also do kids wear. Dirkje was only sold up to 2 years at that time, one of the sons decided to start this new project.

New project

2007 | Launch DJ Kidswear

They tried to make a more rougher brand, denim look and feel. Making this brand a good addition to the existing dirkje brand.

Launch DJ Kidswear

2009 | Retirement Senior

Founder Toon van Gennip retires leaving the company in good hands for a younger generation.

Retirement Senior

2011 | DJ Dutchjeans

To give more brand value and more international exposure DJ Kidswear was turned into DJ Dutchjeans.

DJ Dutchjeans

2015 | Launch Mila Beachwear

Start of Mila, beachwear for  Ladies. The demand of a luxury higher margin product from our customers lead to the start of this new brand within van Gennip.

Launch Mila Beachwear

2017 | Charlie Choe

Van Gennip textiles takes over Charlie choe the sleepwear brand. This brand has a good addition to the brands VGT is running already, with a good part of kids pyjamas and high quality level. VGT will lift this brand in following years to a major player on the global sleepwear market. Charlie choe b2c sites will be implemented to Van Gennip systems and extended to our other brands.

Charlie Choe

2017 | New WMS

New warehouse management system. From December a new WMS is implemented into VGT‘s head office making the logistic process quicker better and easier.


2017 | Launch Koko Noko

a new storytelling marketing brand for baby and kids up to 8 years. A new look on baby fashion and a new business model.

Launch Koko Noko

2018 | Launch B2C marketing platform

Launch of the b2c webshops of Koko Noko & DJ dutchjeans.

Launch B2C

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