Two collections per year

The start of each seasons collection starts almost one and a half year before the goods actually hit the stores floor. Van Gennip Textiles currently runs two fashion brand collections per year; Autumn/Winter & Spring/Summer.


It all starts with creativity

The design department starts to make mood boards, color cards by theme, inspirations of new artworks and requesting new fabrics from the mills and from the market and developing new models. After reviewing the sales and last years collection, they start designing all new sketches.

Each collection is structured by brand, theme and size group. Our design department creates more than 1200 different styles each year.


Collections ready

After all sketches and technical packs are made, reviewed by sales, design and production departments they will be send to our partner factories in various different countries for making counter proto samples and developing actual fabrics for Salesman samples. After comments from the design department the actual Sales man samples are made and send to our office.

In our office our sample room will make up to 35 different collections for sales purpose only; We distribute the collections to our sales representatives, agents, customers and importers globally.


Pre-order sales can begin

Summer collection pre-order starts from may and ends in september, winter collection pre-order starts from November and ends in March which gives our customers time enough to review sales and order our collections after evaluating their stocks.

During the season Van gennip starts to order the best styles from the collection quickly with their factories. When the pre-order seasons finally closes all orders are send to the factory including additional quantities for re-orders during the season.


Production starts

When our purchase orders are made our production and quality departments can start doing their job. The Salesman sample is reviewed and commented by our production and quality control department, the fabrics are ordered by our suppliers and our Van Gennip office in India start to make the planning for the upcoming seasons production online and final inspections.

Our supplier start to make a pre-production sample based on the Salesman sample and its comments from Van Gennip. This pre-production sample is again reviewed and confirmed to start the production. From now the Van Gennip office quality controllers are starting to do their online inspections on the running production to make sure that our quality level is reached. Our quality inspections are based on AQL 2.5 4.0


Delivery from factory

When the production is ready the QC’s are doing a final inspection on the goods and factory send a final shipment sample to our HQ in the Netherlands.; Than the goods are ready for shipment to Holland or directly to some of our bigger customers worldwide- FOB shipments. Delivery summer starts from December to March, winter goods are delivered from May up to September.

When the container reaches our warehouse in Holland another quality check is done and after our QA control gives green light the warehouse starts to split all articles to each separate order and deliver them to all customers individually.


Finally retail & online sales can start

Customers can re-order goods from our b2b webshop by pcs and increase their turnover. By analyzing sales data and rentability new collections are made and the process starts again by creativity and design.

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