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We believe that life does not always have to be serious. Our products are designed to create happy and carefree moments.

“Tailor of happy moments”

Charlie Choe

Charlie Choe is rated with a 9.5 out of more than 1500 customers’ reviews

As of now Charlie Choe has a 9.5 rating out of more than 1500 customer reviews. We don’t take this feedback for granted but actually use it to keep improving our collections.

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With Charlie Choe you never want to get out of bed

Charlie Choe was born in 2011 with only one vision in mind “create affordable, high quality sleepwear that we want to wear ourselves”. The first pajamas were handmade at the kitchen table and were well received by the first customers. Since the first collection, Charlie Choe has grown recognized brand with customers in many different countries.

It puts a smile on our faces when we receive photos from customers proudly wearing our pajamas or when we get messages and reviews from happy customers. It has been an amazing adventure and we’re dedicated to continue with making pajamas that create happy and carefree moments!

The Charlie Choe Collections are designed for kids and adults. Each collection is designed around a theme and delivers different designs and styles for women, men and kids.

There are also matching pajamas for children and their parents Our customers love Charlie Choe. Our pajamas are designed around three simple fundamentals. 1. We want to create happy moments, therefore we are putting a lot of time designing unique and distinctive prints. 2.The fabrics we use are very soft and of high quality with comfort as the most important aspect. 3. We also care about a fair and good price. Our pajamas need to be affordable and offer good value for money. Therefore, we call ourselves Tailor of happy moments!

Charlie Choe launches a new collection twice a year that dresses kids, men and women in all sizes.

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Three reasons to choose Charlie Choe

Distinctive prints

What can you expect from our distinctive prints? They are unique, fun and mostly colorfull with unique detals.

High quality fabrics

We care a great deal about the comfort of our fabrics. Soft, durable and function are very important when we create our new collection.

Affordable sleepwear

Charlie Choe believes in affordable sleepwear for everybody. We create the best quality for an affordable price.

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