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Where will your kids go? What will their lives look like? We would love to go with them, wherever they will go. We make high quality fashion in which your children feel comfortable to explore the world from the day they were born.

“The journey starts now”

Koko Noko

Koko Noko is a world class brand for the world citizens of the future. Every day is a new experience for your little one. Make the best of it with Koko Noko. This is the story of life, enjoy the journey with koko noko.

Our inspiration is based on coconuts. Coconuts are inspiring adventures. They float whenever one drops in the water, they will 'sail' along with the current and arrive on a new beach, to become a palm tree and spread coconuts of their own. Koko Noko is a more exclusive brand with fixed retail prices.

Koko noko


Koko Noko launches a new collection twice a year for babies and kids from sizes 56 till 128.

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Three reasons to choose Koko Noko

Storytelling at best

A good brand strategy makes all the difference in the world of todays fashion.

Good mark-up

Koko Noko is an excellent brand of high quality with a perfect mark-up.

Social Media exposure

By investing in Social Media Koko Noko is more exposed online which definitly benifits our partners.

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