We are constantly looking for experts and fashion professionals to add to our experienced team. Great passion for fashion, hardworking, honesty and no nonsense mentality is what we are looking for. The will to adapt to the quick changing market and to keep up with innovations in your line of work is expected from our staff and team. We will always evaluate all resumes to see if there is a potential future for you in our company. Our company's future depends on the greatness of our staff! We are proud to say that we have many staff working at Van Gennip for a long time.


At VGT you can learn to be an expert in fashion and professional in the garment industry. Our young team contains a lot of interns who, after having completed their degrees, proved to be excellent for the job and stayed to work at VGT for many years. We expect individuals to have fashion mentality. Interns who are ready to learn because they want to not because they need to. We believe that the garment industry has a lot of interesting things to teach and we are ready to learn it to you.

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