To become reseller of our brands and products and become our long term business partner we have certain rules and agreements that need to be followed. VGT has the obligation to deliver the correct goods in time and in the right quality.


Van Gennip runs their business based on pre-orders for every season almost 6 months ahead of the delivery. For baby & kidswear brands our customers are free to choose any size free -subjected to a minimum order amount of € 1000.- per brand and a minimum re-order of € 150.- total. In swimwear we sell in prepacks of minimum 8 or 10 pcs in various sizes and colors.

Orders placed at Van Gennip are subjected to our general conditions deposit at the chamber of commerce under nr: ….. Any order made at Van Gennip can be cancelled without any additional cost 8 days after placing it at VGT. After this date VGT can legally apply a 15% penalty over the amount placed. If orders are cancelled after production is done VGT can legally apply a 30% penalty over the order amount.


We believe in big mark-ups for our resellers. Offering our customers a good quality selling product with high profitability also give them better margin than other brands in the market. In current markets where rents and wages are getting higher each year our customers need a good margin to cover their costs and make a profit. Margin deals are easy to make with VGT, the more turnover we can do the bigger markup we can offer. It’s as simple as that.

Delivery terms

FOB: free on board

We can ship your goods to any place in Holland or at country of origin and hand-over the goods to your transport company.

DDP: Delivery Duty paid

Shipment to your door step. We can arrange our transport company to deliver the goods to you whenever you like.


All documents can be made by VGT at cost of customers. All costs of shipping are at the charge of the buyer.

Delivery times

Summer order are delivered from December and winter orders are delivered from May. All orders from stock are delivered the next day after confirmation or payment from customers and depending on incoterms send out or to be picked up.


We can work under many payment conditions all depending on the customer's demand. The first order is always by prepayment or guaranteed payment thru Letter of credit of bank guarantee. Van Gennip works with Euler Hermes to insure their orders, after customer pays first order in advance the next order up to 25k is insured automatically whenever paid in time and customers can get credit line.

Working with Van Gennip

For your first order, we would love to make an appointment with you to show our collections at any place or time given. Our collections are big so we prefer to meet at our showrooms or at any fashion fairs we expose our collections however we value service and we are always willing to meet customers at their place whenever needed. Please keep in mind that we bring a lot of samples.

However, if there is a lack of time to meet or we do not have any rep, agent or importer in your country, we can always work thru our very nice B2B Webshop.


Van Gennip checks and controls many stages of our production process. From the very start of the sample stage we start to comment and check samples, during all stages of production, during production and final inspection and again when the container with goods arrive to our warehouse another final check is done. However, making garments is a manual process done by people where many things can go wrong. Van Gennip is doing over 3.5 million pcs annually and unfortunately not all pcs can be checked 100%.

If there is any legit complaint or fault in the garment Van Gennip always refund these quantities to our customers fully, and we will never run away from a legit claim. Van Gennip has a return policy with our resellers of 60 days after receiving the delivery.

If you have any complaint, please contact our office by phone at +31 (0) 495 451 396 or send an email to After the first contact you will have to download a form where you can state all complaints and return the goods to our office free of charge.

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